Introduction to the Concept of The Hopeful Gospel

December 4th, 2019

Introduction to The Rector’s Cupboard

Introduction to the concept of The Hopeful Gospel

Guest: Ross Lockhart

St.Andrew’s Hall, UBC etc. etc. etc.

Ross has extensive experience in pastoral ministry across denominations. He leads the Centre for Missional Leadership and is truly a funny guy. He has travelled the world, but keeps finding his way back to Ireland. Oh, and a note that is great for podcasting – Ross is perhaps the best dressed professor or minister in town.

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From Soldiers to Midwives: How the Metaphors we Use in Christian Mission Impact our Understanding of Faith and Witness

December 4th, 2019

Guest: Jenn Richards, Regent College

Jenn has recently completed a fantastic Masters Project at Regent College.  We speak with Jenn about how most of our metaphors for witness and mission are traditionally masculine and even military in nature. ‘Strategic planning, penetrate the culture” that kind of thing.

There is so much more in the Bible than that. How would taking up a broader range of metaphor even in conversation, contribute to a more hopeful understanding of mission?


Articles and books discussed in this episode:


Jennifer Gunter Article - The Guardian, September 2019

George Carlin “Baseball and Football”

To Alter Your World: Partnering with God to Rebirth our Communities – Michael Frost and Christiana Rice, 2017


This episode we were hosted at JJ Bean Coffee Roasters.

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Your god ain’t no God at all!

December 4th, 2019

Guest: Dr. Jason Byassee

Do you recoil when your Christian faith is presented in a manner that is oppositional or polarizing? It has become almost caricature in the United States, but just about everywhere in history and geography, Christian faith has been easily given to fights and battles to one group against another. Why is this? Is there a better way?

Jason has been a professor at Duke Divinity School and has worked in Pastoral Ministry. Jason is a journalist and author who has written extensively on topics ranging from popular culture to the Trinity.

We speak with Jason around the topic of polarization in the Christian Church and around the topic of Christian faith being expressed against the world.
With Jason we look at examples of Hopeful Faith and cultural engagement that point to a better way of understanding and practice.

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With All our Heart, but None of our Mind

December 4th, 2019

Guest: Dr. Richard Topping

Do we have to dumb it down to talk about faith? Quick statements, punchy slogans and elevator pitches. What would happen if in general, we valued intellectual engagement in Christian faith. Maybe saying, “I don’t understand that” is a commentary not only on the ability or inability of the presenter to speak clearly and simply, but also a commentary on the short attention span or lack of intellectual devotion of the hearer.

Or is that too harsh?

Dr. Richard Topping joins us to discuss Christian Education in general and Theological Education specifically. Can we invite even a small number of people (whether they are students or not) to commit to the intellectual aspect of faith?

What are the costs of such a commitment? What are the benefits and joys?

Dr. Topping is Principal at Vancouver School of Theology. He has been instrumental in moving the School forward, in building a new campus and in engaging thoughtful, gifted professors and teachers to the institution. Also, he has a wonderful ability to remember some excellent stories from days of pastoral ministry and from theological debate and discussion.

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Best and Worst of Worship “Like a Rose Trampled on the Ground”

December 4th, 2019

Guests: Carolyn Arends and Spencer Capier

Best and Worst of Worship “Like a Rose Trampled on the Ground”...But not at all like a rose trampled on the ground.

Everyone knows what is best about worship and music in church. Everyone knows what is worst. Is it possible to engage in worship regardless of best or worst?

Carloyn and Spencer join us to talk about worship and music in Christian faith.

Why is music and worship both engaging and infuriating? And why is it that what can be engaging for me can be infuriating for you?

What is hopeful about worship? How can music and singing be an essential expression of Hopeful Gospel?

Carolyn is an accomplished musician who has recorded albums and toured extensively.

She is currently also the Curriculum and Spiritual Formation Director for Renovaré, a ministry of spiritual formation and education founded by Richard Foster.

Spencer is a crazy talented musician who has also recorded multiple albums. He has toured with Carolyn and has been a key part of programmes such as Pacific Theatre’s Christmas Presence. Spencer is also a Teacher at West Vancouver Highschool. He teaches super smart and interesting things like Philosophy and History of Knowledge. Currently Spencer also works to help on labour matters for teachers in West Vancouver.  Also – Board Games, Spencer loves Board Games.


Carolyn Arends


Contemporary Christian Music Industry Article – CNN, October 2019


This episode we tasted Limoncello from The Woods Distillery

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