With All our Heart, but None of our Mind

December 4th, 2019

Guest: Dr. Richard Topping

Do we have to dumb it down to talk about faith? Quick statements, punchy slogans and elevator pitches. What would happen if in general, we valued intellectual engagement in Christian faith. Maybe saying, “I don’t understand that” is a commentary not only on the ability or inability of the presenter to speak clearly and simply, but also a commentary on the short attention span or lack of intellectual devotion of the hearer.

Or is that too harsh?

Dr. Richard Topping joins us to discuss Christian Education in general and Theological Education specifically. Can we invite even a small number of people (whether they are students or not) to commit to the intellectual aspect of faith?

What are the costs of such a commitment? What are the benefits and joys?

Dr. Topping is Principal at Vancouver School of Theology. He has been instrumental in moving the School forward, in building a new campus and in engaging thoughtful, gifted professors and teachers to the institution. Also, he has a wonderful ability to remember some excellent stories from days of pastoral ministry and from theological debate and discussion.

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