Saints or Savages: Host Only Episode

June 1st, 2020

This episode was recorded on May 25, 2020 before the news of the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. 


Todd, Allison, Amanda and Cupboard Master Ken get together (distanced, of course). 
We ask each other, for your consideration; Why would people argue over wearing masks? 
We look at the ways people respond in times of danger or crisis. An upcoming book by Rutger Bregman seeks to show that for the most part people help one another. 
What does this say about human nature? What are the implications for faith? We argue that there is a better way to relate to people than to start with the assumption that people are basically bad. 
Noting that there are instances of oppression, hate and even evil in the world, we consider the concepts of fear and division. 

The tasting for this episode is a Rose Wine from the Okanagan in BC called Diabolica. Fitting for this episode’s conversation. Check out Diabolica Wines here

Rutger Bregman review – Times of London   

The Guardian article - Regarding shipwrecked boys

The New York Times article - Regarding encounter in Central Park 

Book discussed, Marilynne Robinson, “The Givenness of Things”, particularly the chapter “Fear”

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