Rector’s Cupboard: Special Series

June 12th, 2020

Three Episodes, "Annus Horribilis, 2020 Horrible Year, How Did we Get Here?"
Each episode will examine a particular area of faith and culture.
First: the history of evangelicalism, with Matthew Avery Sutton
Second: religious nationalism in the United States, with Katherine Stewart
Third: the connection between Christianity and white supremacy, with Willie James Jennings
These episodes can go a long way in helping us move past some negative or fearful ways of seeing things and open up the way for a more hopeful, positive faith.
Our three guests have written and spoken extensively in Rolling Stone, The Guardian, New York Times, Christian Century, and appeared on multiple media outlets. We are grateful that they were interested in speaking with us.
Will it take courage to listen? Not really. But we're hoping that listening shakes you up a little to move towards better ways of seeing things and better ways of seeing people.

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