Growing Up Evangelical: Moms and Daughters

April 25th, 2020

The Cupboard gathers this episode with Allison and her mom, Esther; Catherine and her mom, Carol.

This episode is a bit of a different format as we bring together two moms and their daughters to talk about life, faith, and growing up in what would be considered conservative Christian homes. What was positive about it? What wasn’t helpful? There is much to be said about what it was like raising children within that framework and what it felt like growing up in it. We would suggest grabbing a cocktail, or a cup of tea, and probably some tissues as you listen.

This episode was recorded at Deep Cove Brewery back in February 2020, a very different time, and you can certainly hear it in our voices. Although a different time there is much discussed that transcends our current circumstances and can speak into how we relate to each other in our families and faith communities.

Deep Cove Brewery –

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