From Soldiers to Midwives: How the Metaphors we Use in Christian Mission Impact our Understanding of Faith and Witness

December 4th, 2019

Guest: Jenn Richards, Regent College

Jenn has recently completed a fantastic Masters Project at Regent College.  We speak with Jenn about how most of our metaphors for witness and mission are traditionally masculine and even military in nature. ‘Strategic planning, penetrate the culture” that kind of thing.

There is so much more in the Bible than that. How would taking up a broader range of metaphor even in conversation, contribute to a more hopeful understanding of mission?


Articles and books discussed in this episode:


Jennifer Gunter Article - The Guardian, September 2019

George Carlin “Baseball and Football”

To Alter Your World: Partnering with God to Rebirth our Communities – Michael Frost and Christiana Rice, 2017


This episode we were hosted at JJ Bean Coffee Roasters.

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