Will Willimon

May 6th, 2020

"Discovering God in the Rearview Mirror. Knowing the Hopeful Future in Christ.”

We speak with Rev. Dr. Will Willimon from Duke Divinity School in North Carolina. Will speaks with us about the surprising character of God, the concept of vocation and the hopeful reminder that Christian faith is about the future.

Will has written far too many books to list. He has preached at the National Cathedral in Washington DC and he once sued former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We feel a kindred spirit with Will because he upsets people on both the political right and the political left.

Even better than that, he demonstrates a deep love for humanity with a willingness to admit the reality of our foibles and ridiculousness.

“I feared boredom more than heresy. They said nasty things about Jesus. Nobody ever said he was dull.”


For more information about Will and his work, visit www.willwillimon.com.

Books referenced on this podcast: 


Accidental Preacher



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