Best and Worst of Worship “Like a Rose Trampled on the Ground”

December 4th, 2019

Guests: Carolyn Arends and Spencer Capier

Best and Worst of Worship “Like a Rose Trampled on the Ground”...But not at all like a rose trampled on the ground.

Everyone knows what is best about worship and music in church. Everyone knows what is worst. Is it possible to engage in worship regardless of best or worst?

Carloyn and Spencer join us to talk about worship and music in Christian faith.

Why is music and worship both engaging and infuriating? And why is it that what can be engaging for me can be infuriating for you?

What is hopeful about worship? How can music and singing be an essential expression of Hopeful Gospel?

Carolyn is an accomplished musician who has recorded albums and toured extensively.

She is currently also the Curriculum and Spiritual Formation Director for Renovaré, a ministry of spiritual formation and education founded by Richard Foster.

Spencer is a crazy talented musician who has also recorded multiple albums. He has toured with Carolyn and has been a key part of programmes such as Pacific Theatre’s Christmas Presence. Spencer is also a Teacher at West Vancouver Highschool. He teaches super smart and interesting things like Philosophy and History of Knowledge. Currently Spencer also works to help on labour matters for teachers in West Vancouver.  Also – Board Games, Spencer loves Board Games.


Carolyn Arends


Contemporary Christian Music Industry Article – CNN, October 2019


This episode we tasted Limoncello from The Woods Distillery

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