A More Christ-like Way

May 1st, 2020

On March 16 of 2020, just before the orders were issued to stay home, The Rector's Cupboard gathered as small group at Township 7 Winery in Langley, BC.  

Sitting in view of a vineyard on a beautiful day in the shadow of a pandemic, we spoke with author and speaker Brad Jersak about a better way of faith.

Brad has written a number of books (see some links below) and has become a help to many “exvangelicals”. In a recent book he pointed out that perhaps the “crisis of faith” that many are so quick to mention in religious circles is not on the part of younger people who are walking away, but rather on the part of those who have handed down a faith that can so often be divisive, misogynistic, fearful and anti-gay. 

We speak with Brad about the differences between deconstructing faith and bulldozing faith and about more helpful metaphors such as renovation of faith and belief.


More information about our guest, Brad Jersak, his books and his blog can be found at his website https://bradjersak.com

We're grateful to our host, Jason Ocenas and Township 7 Vineyard and Tasting Room.  Township 7 can be found here: https://township7.com

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