“These Spoons are Brutal!”…and “The Entire Year Got Sucked Up and Disappeared”

April 16th, 2020

Mid-April is a good time to release this episode of the Cupboard that was recorded on January 22nd, 2020. A hosts only episode in which we talk about helpful truths, terrible sorrow and some of the best most ridiculous things ever.

You can hear in our voices the “time before” the 2020 pandemic. How different do things sound already? You can hear pointed out the emptiness of the “prosperity gospel” that continues to be a blight upon the theological landscape in our time of pandemic and is beginning to directly cost lives.

Perhaps best of all, you can hear life and hope, even as we talk about Paris Hilton cooking lasagna. You might do well to enjoy the video yourself right now, it’s in the notes below.

Hosts; Todd Wiebe, Ken Best, Allison Williams, Ken Bell and Producer Rick

Enjoy the episode.

Recorded at Woods Spirit Co. in North Vancouver



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